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The ability that enables Kris to embody absolutely any abstract characteristic or conceptual element of his liking (e.g. concepts like love, hope, fear, death, strength, time, and logic and anything that may stem from them) allowing him to gain every property and characteristic of the one that which he embodies. Conversely, Kris is incapable of being killed or destroyed unless the very concept which he embodies is completely removed from existence. This also grants Kris the ability to enter or exist in any and all dimension, alternate universe, or reality if those same concepts exist in those domains.


  • He can effortlessly embody the conceptual characteristics of other objects and beings - everything that makes them what they are or who they are (e.g. persona, ability, physical property, unique charateristics, effects, etc) he can take part of, and embody.
  • He can embody Abilities
  • He can embody more that one abstract concept.
  • He can also embody complicated abstract concepts like void, nonexistence, existence, even paradox.

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