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Project A2


When Azizas was becoming too powerful, Professor Iroko create an clone of Project A (Azizas) named him Project A2, A-2 for short. After his formation he left the Professor so he pursue his own ideals to take down Azizas directly.


  • Universal Manipulation: He could manipulate the entire universe at his will.
  • Cosmic Entity Physiology: He had the form of an Cosmic Entity.
    • Alien Physiology: He could morph into any alien he chooses.
    • Bionic Physiology: He can take the form of any mechanical aliens as well.
  • Infinite Digestive System: He can digest anything including matter, energy or even souls.
  • Multiple Eyes: On his body he appears to have at least six eyes on his chest and six in his back.
  • Tentacle Extension: He could generate mechanical tentacles from his body and control them.


  • Master Analysis: He can analyize a person and copied their abilities, powers or technigues instantly.
  • Master Tactacian: He could develop tactics that seems impossible but when used are deemed unstoppable.


  • Wristband Blade: He used it when he is locked in combat for slicing.
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